One Week in Barcelona, Spain


I recently got back from a two and a half week excursion to Spain and Morocco (Morocco posts to come later). It was my third time visiting Spain, so i wanted to take the opportunity to see things that i hadn’t already, while also allowing my Boyfriend to see all of the standard tourist attractions.

Here’s how the trip went:

DAY 1: A long day of travel

Ah, Barcelona. After a day of waiting in extremely long lines and sitting on a not-so-pleasant 10-hour flight, we finally arrived. Not much had changed since the last time i was there. It’s the Miami of Europe, but it’s *IN* Europe, so it’s better of course. Everything is very modern, it’s beachy, and the nightlife is some of the best in the world. People in Barcelona literally party all night long and call it a night around 4AM, so if that’s your thing, you may want to visit soon.

Day 2: Medieval Villages Tour

Today was an early one. We woke up around 6:30 to head outside of the city. The tour itself was a 10-hour excursion that included trips to Bessalau, Rupit, and Tavartet, 3 small villages that were built in the Middle Ages.

Rupit, Spain

The trip itself was super tiring, but i’m glad we went because it was a reminder for me of why i love Europe. Everything is so old and has so much history behind it. There’s always something to learn!

Besalau, Spain

Day 3: The Jet Lag Finally Arrives

Good old jet-lag. My boyfriend and i are both terrible at sitting still, especially when travelling, but on day 3, we literally couldn’t get out of bed. I suppose it was a combination of the time change and the tour that we did on our first full day, but we slept for a total of 15 hours. Rest days are important!

Day 4: Game of Thrones Walking Tour in Girona

This was the tour that i was most excited about, being a huge Game of Thrones fan. We met up with our Irish tour guide Steven along with another couple (who happened to live 30 minutes from us – what a coincidence) and drove via mini van to the medieval town of Girona. We saw 6-7 film locations for season 6 of Game of Thrones (mostly Bravos, a few King’s Landing), and then we all sat down and had lunch at a hole-in-the-wall Spanish restaurant that i never would have found on my own. The food was AMAZING and AUTHENTIC. I ate an entire fish (something i never thought i would do – i’m talking eyeballs and all).



THE fish


Day 5: Another Day of Sleeping

Day 6: A Day of Eating Everything in Site

After Day 6, we left Spain and headed to Marrakech (posts to come). We flew back to Spain afterwards and flew home from there. (Side note: the price difference between flying in/out of Spain vs Morocco is nuts!)

Day 7: Time to go shopping

I had to set aside a few hours to do some shopping. There are just way too many stores here that we don’t have at home and i couldn’t pass it up!

Day 8: A picnic in Park Guell Before Heading Back Home

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